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12 (actually 15) favorite features on 12 songs from ’12


ya’ll can peep most of these on my spotify list, dat nu nu 2012, which is a stupid name but i never know what to call playlists. and if you don’t use spotify and wanna listen, well you obviously know how to use youtube. thanks for reading. Read the rest of this entry »


kanye west – ‘white dress’



***1/2 (out of 4)

Not long ago, Kim Kardashian found another way to draw the collective ire of America, as she so capably does, when she began talking about her NEXT wedding before the divorce was even final on her 72-day, lace-white scar of reality show bait.
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the somewhat definitive guide to lil wayne’s poop lyrics

Lil Wayne takes many forms, as Weezy F. Baby, as Lil Tunechi, as a total burnout, as the rapper eater. He also regularly preaches his penchant for poop, that is, shitting on other rappers and his version of “True Life: I’m the Shit.” Read the rest of this entry »

lil wayne – tha carter IV

There has always been something different about Lil Wayne.

As we watched him go from d-boy to Hot Boy, from Birdman-kisser to rapper-eater, from Dwayne Michael Carter to Weezy F. Baby, the one constant was Wayne’s will to be weird.
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neon indian – era extrana


To record his sophomore LP “Era Extrana,” Neon Indian frontman Alan Palomo sequestered himself in Helsinki, Finland, and did so in the middle of the winter, no less. He said he saw the sun only twice during his stay — a wild change for a Mexican-born Texas native.

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I was finally able to capitalize on my knowledge of all the treasures that non-cable TV has to offer and wrote this single blog post on the CSI: pilot for my buddy’s website, which you should also check out.

TV Surveillance

Test Pilot #42: CSI:

Debut date: October 6, 2000

Series legacy: One of the most popular, but not necessarily well-regarded series of the last decade-plus

Hey there, party people. Welcome back to the internet’s most popular discussion of television pilots, Test Pilot. We’re still early into our contemporary police drama theme. Before you groan or immediately think of David Caruso-delivered puns, I think it’s important to point out that not all “cop shows” are generic, lowest-common-denominator fare. The police procedural is one of, if not the, most dominant scripted format in the television industry. We like to think of the “cop show” with very specific terminology and iconography in mind, but countless series have attempted to mix up the general framework of the police drama. My hope is that this theme will explore five series that personify the innovative and complex ways to approach a cop show, especially in…

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sorta mid-2012 report of my music-listening life

If you’ve ever attempted to rendezvous with me in any way, you know that I’m rarely on time. So it should make sense that I’ve put off composing whatever kind of halfway-through-the-year music lists that everyone likes to throw together. So for the none of you that I’ve kept waiting with the delivery of said list, I’m sorry. For all of you that I’ve ever kept waiting an extra 15 minutes, I’m not really. That will probably happen again. Read the rest of this entry »

growing up stones

In high school, before I had money and fast Internet, I used to spend after-school hours at the library, scouring the shelves of CDs for anything I recognized. I rarely listened to a whole album, so I would rip the songs I liked and return it as soon as possible for more. Recognize, rip, repeat. Read the rest of this entry »

beach house – bloom


On more than one occasion, Beach House have discussed Bob Dylan in interviews, and during a recent Pitchfork chat, shared one lyric particularly integral to the conception of Bloom, their fourth studio album. Read the rest of this entry »

lebron haters, please take a seat

As I write this, the world is one night removed from Lebron James’ anointment as an NBA champion and two years removed from The Decision that has since made him basketball’s premier villain. In attempts to create compelling narratives, the media throws around literary terms such as these loosely and often. However, in the case of Lebron, there doesn’t exist a more appropriate term to measure the level of public disgust for him. Read the rest of this entry »